El Internado “Mafia”

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Check out this Internado edition of the Mafia game that Kristy Placido created!

Kristy Placido


I’ve been wanting to try the game Mafia in class for a really long time! Martina Bex wrote a great post about it and she even has a free downloadable packet for Spanish teachers!

We played in Spanish 4. I am REALLY bad at learning new games and I am even worse at teaching people how to play games. I am much better at just teaching language! But fortunately several of my students knew the game (yay church camp!) already.

I decided to put an El Internado spin on the game since my students and I are all obsessed with the show.

Here is a little summary of how we played, based on Martina’s packet:

We got in a big circle. I have 19 students in each Spanish 4 class. So I had 3 Aces, “Los Malos” (the bad guys…because we know who some of the bad guys are now…

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