Eight Nights of Hanukkah {giveaways}…how to win!

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Tonight (Sunday night) is the first night of Hanukkah, and therefore the first night of my Eight Nights of Hanukkah giveaways!

Here is how this will work:

Each evening at 6:00pm EST (2:00pm AKST), I will announce that night’s giveaway. I might announce it on this blog, or I might announce it on my Facebook page. Or maybe both, depending on how tricky or not tricky I feel 🙂 When the giveaway is announced, I will also explain the task that you need to complete in order to enter. The task must be completed by 10:00pm EST the following day (6:00pmAKST), giving you 28 hours to complete it and enter! All tasks will require you to SHARE something with the online world language teaching community, and some of them will be more time consuming than others (click here to a read about and get a head start on the time consuming ones). I will select all winners using www.random.org, and winners will have 24 hours once notified to claim their prize before I give it to someone else!

So…check this blog and my Facebook page tonight for the announcement of the first giveaway!

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