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Congratulations to AMANDA MORA for winning the class set of novels from my Milestone Celebration!! I could not be more excited to announce this, since I know Amanda and think that she is amazing!!! You can follow her on Twitter @adiazmora, and I follow her on Pinterest too to get great teaching [and style] ideas.

How did I select a winner? The easiest way that I know how!! All entrants submitted a Google Form (a survey), and the data that they entered was automatically placed in a Google Sheet (a spreadsheet). Each entry was numbered, so I just hopped over to Random.org and generated a random number between 1 and the number of the entry, and the winner was Lucky #18 Amanda Mora! (I did double check my TpT records to ensure that she had indeed purchased the Merengue unit as per contest rules). Amanda, let me know via email or Twitter which TPRS Publishing novel you want from http://www.tprstorytelling.com. And remember, you can wait to redeem your prize until Kristy Placido‘s latest novel, Frida, comes out on October 1!! It’s written with just 150 unique words and designed for Level 1 Spanish students. (I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!)

Congratulations!! And THANK YOU to everyone that helped me reach my milestone!!

Cover photo Copyright 2015 TPRS Publishing Inc
Cover photo Copyright 2015 TPRS Publishing Inc


  1. I really wanted to win this, but am SO HAPPY that Amanda won them! Congratulations to Amanda and congratulations to you. I love happy news!


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