TPRS®/CI lessons and activities on sale! Save 20 percent on April 27-28!

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I keep waiting for Teachers Pay Teachers to throw a sitewide sale so that I can join in. With no sale on the horizon (to my knowledge), I’m giving up the waiting and throwing a sale of my own. If you have tried out some of my free curriculum units or activities (currently, there are 61 free products in my TpT store) and want to purchase more for next school year, take advantage of this 20 percent off sale to stock up! You can even have your school purchase the lesson plans and activities for you by completing a Purchase Order (instructions here).

Click here to view the entire store and create your wishlist!


  1. Have you ever considered touring and doing workshops on TPRS? I know that it was really lacking in my certification program so I’m not all that comfortable using it, so I’m sure other teachers feel this way as well. It could be very valuable!


  2. Have you ever considered touring and doing workshops on effectively using TPRS? As a newer teacher, I can honestly say that this was barely glossed over in my teacher certification program, so I don’t use much in my current classes. It would be wonderful to get some hands-on training and ideas for implementing TPRS.


    1. I do! I go to conferences and work with school districts across North America, and there are many, many more amazing TPRS® trainers that do the same! Email me and I can connect you with someone semi-local!


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