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Are you a Spanish teacher?
Are you worried that you will catch the flu this school year?
Do you want to be prepared with a ready-to-go sub plan?

I’m your gal 🙂

If you answered “no” to any of those three questions, this post may still be of some use to you. It’s 9:30 on Saturday night, and I of course have nothing better to do than clean out my computer. So many files…so little time. In doing so, I dug up this sub plan that I used in Spanish 1, and it’s very easy to duplicate with unique content in any language and level. I used it during Unit 7 of my Spanish 1 curriculum. Here’s what you do:

  1. Friday plansAssign a free write–timed or otherwise. (Not sure what a free write is or need a rubric? Click here. Or you could do a BINGO free write. 1-3-10 Free writes are really too long for this plan.)
  2. Collect them.
  3. Select several to use in the sub plan.
  4. Type the free writes that you plan to use in a word document, and make corrections while you type.
  5. Add a box next to each free write. You can draw this in or use shapes if you’ve got some word processing skills.
  6. Stick the following directions at the top of the page, changing the structures in Step #4 and Step #5 to match your language and level. (The structures in Step #4 are target structures for the course; the structures in Step #5 are purely for fun– “doesn’t speak Russian”, “has a chicken in his/her pants”, and “is a robot”.
  7. Get sick and stay home!

Here’s what students do:

  1. Read all of the stories.
  2. Draw an illustration of each story in the box beside it to demonstrate that you understand it.
  3. Choose TWO of the stories and translate them into English on a lined piece of paper.
  4. Choose one of the stories and make it longer by adding in more information. You must work these five structures into the extended version: le ayuda, tiene que, quiere ser, toma, está enojado. Write the new story on the lined paper below the translations from #3.
  5. Extra time? Switch papers with someone else that is done. Read their extended story. On a new piece of paper, write an extended version of that person’s story by working in these three phrases: no habla ruso, tiene un pollito en sus pantalones, es un robot 

Click here to access the 2-page worksheet that I used. Students will not finish everything…but that’s fine with me! As long as they are busy, behaved, and building proficiency in my absence–I’m a happy teacher 🙂

Want to read more about how to use your students’ work to generate sub plans? Click here.

Want more ideas to have successful sub days? Click here.


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