I just put the finishing touches on the re-vamped Unit 18 of my Spanish 1 curriculum map. It is based on an adaptation from the second TPRS® story that I ever asked, and it targets the structures “oye algo”, “se despierta”, “se duerme”, and “durante la noche”. I use it to prepare my students to view and discuss the short film “El monstruo del armario” by Pablo Conde. You can download the four-day unit for FREE by clicking here!

Una aventura de camping plans

9 replies on “Una aventura de camping: FREE UNIT!

  1. Martina, siendo un maestro de primer año batalla para encontrar input que es comprensible e interesante. Tus cuentos SIEMPRE cumplen esos requisitos – hay muchos cuentos disponibles, pero los tuyos son verdaderamente interesantes. Muchísimas gracias!!!


  2. Martina, I purchased El monstruo en el Armario, and I couldn’t open it. I have bought a lot of units form you, and never had a problem opening the zip files. I don’t understand what is going on, all other files are good. I sent you an e mail.


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