I’m Going on a Trip–Ideas from iFLT

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In my PQA Hooks presentation at iFLT, I shared several activities that I use to get repetitions of target structures other than traditional PQA or Storyasking. For each of the activities, I asked participants to brainstorm ways that they could use them in their classes, and I’ll be sharing their ideas over the next few weeks.

The first installment is for my favorite game ever, “I’m going on a trip”. I explained the game in this post a few months ago, and participants brainstormed criteria that would qualify/disqualify an answer and skeleton sentences that could be used to play the game. If you use a different criterion and skeleton sentence each time you play the game, you can play it multiple times throughout the year, even with the same group of students!

Feel free to add more ideas by adding your own ideas to this Google Doc (click here):

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