A great reading activity shared by Maris Hawkins!

Maris Hawkins

With my students, we are reading Agentes Secretos y el mural de Picasso.  I was working with an excellent educational consultant who gave me this great idea.  I have four tables in groups of three.  Each table got a character (Mario, Luis, Javier and Paula).  In the book, each person had to find three words or phrases about the character.  Then they line them up in a box (see picture).  Each person then was in charge of writing a sentence about their character.  One person wrote a sentence on a horizontal row, one on a vertical row and one in a diagonal row about the character.  They have to use all of their words in the sentence.  Then, they shared one sentence from each group aloud.  I was really impressed with how well they did!  It was a great review of the first five chapters.  The one difficulty was getting them…

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