Going to ACTFL ’14?

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So I am curious to see who all is headed to ACTFL ’14 in San Antonio! I won’t be attending this year because I’ll have a too-young-to-leave-home baby, but I would love to know who I can count on to give me the scoop! If you’re going, leave a comment or shoot me an email at martinaebex@gmail.com if you feel comfortable!



  1. Our administration said that one of our dept might be able to go with an administrator. We will have to wait to “put in for the leave” in July. So not sure but hoping to attend.


  2. I’ll be there…and will be presenting (even though last November I firmly stated that I wasn’t going to present again.)
    Looking forward to cheering on the candidates for TOY.
    You know I’ll be tweeting throughout the conference. I’ll keep you informed.

    Wish you were going.


  3. I’m definitely going to be trying to go! I’m a first year french teacher from Houston hoping to convince her principal 🙂

    Your blog has been so much help for me!


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