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BIG EXCITING NEWS. The Comprehensible Classroom is officially debuting its first-ever GERMAN activity! Oh yeah! Thanks to Brigitte Kahn for sending along the German translations of ‘Un sapo de otro pozo‘ (follow the link for game instructions)…for all you German teachers out there, download the full German PDF here! Brigitte, you rock!!! Thank you!!!

If any teachers of other languages would like a nicely formatted translation, please email the translations of the four items on each slide to martinaebex@gmail.com, along with a translation for the name of the game and any instructions needed to insert special characters for your language on a Mac (so that I can be lazy and not look it up!).

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  1. I just saw that you put this in a post – don’t thank me, you did all the work!! You are so amazingly creative and I feel so fortunate to be able to feed off of you 😉


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