“Holiday Awareness” Idea!

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I love this idea from Jenny Robbins, a Spanish teacher that used some of my Cinco de Mayo resources to teach her students the REAL history behind the infamous holiday! After learning about the holiday in Spanish, her students took to the school sidewalks with chalk, on a mission to inform their non-Spanish student classmates about the historical background for the day.  This idea could be used for any holiday or cultural topic, but I think it works especially well for topics about which students have misconceptions: like thinking that Day of the Dead is the same thing as Halloween, or that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, or that all Spanish-speaking immigrants are from Mexico.

Cinco de mayo sidewalk

If you ever have an idea that spins off of my lesson plans and want to share it on the blog, please email it to martinaebex@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!


  1. Amazing. Stealing this idea for students to share their “Tu Eres” Mother’s Day poems. Great way to get outside on a nice Spring day and publish for an authentic audience.


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