The Silent Conversation

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I love this activity from Carrie Toth! In groups, students write a silent conversation based on a poignant moment in a character’s experience.

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At some point in each novel we read in class, the characters face a difficult decision or make a surprising choice. This is the perfect time to wrap up the chapter with a silent conversation.

Students turn to their foursomes (5 if you have a big class or odd numbers) and each take out a sheet of paper. Throughout the activity they have to remain silent!

1. At the top of the sheet, they should write a question to one of the characters.
2. Pass the paper to the right and each student responds to the question as if the question was directed at them.
3. Pass to the right again and either expand on the response of student 2 or answer it a different way. Students may ask further questions as well.
4. Pass to the right again and respond to any new questions or comment further on the…

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  1. That sounds like ” table texting” which I think I got from this site. The kids love the fact that they think they are doing something forbidden! The activity has an image of a cell phone with a question bubble and 4 response bubbles.


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