I promised a reader I’d have these uploaded by the 20th, and by golly I’ve made the deadline! Use these notes to teach a focused grammar lesson on the present indicative of -IR verbs without departing from culture or comprehensible input. Your students will learn about the guajeros of Guatemala–children that live and/or work in garbage dumps to provide for themselves and their families. Download the plans here.


5 replies on “Guajeros and -IR verbs

  1. Martina, do you happen to have any “estar” notes? We used your AR verb notes and my kids loved the way they were laid out and liked the practice that went with them.


    Elizabeth Bertels


  2. One question…in the reading about Los Guajeros de Guatemala…there is a sentence: “Deciden vivir en los basureros porque hay otra opción.” I am wondering if that is supposed to say “no hay otra opción”?


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