My Cup Runneth Over

One of my favorite things about using TPRS® is that my students provide me with an endless supply of content that I can use to create future lesson plans. Most recently, I used the class story from Camina y corre  to use in my emergency sub plans for the year: Zombie themed! You can download them here.

Anytime that your class creates a story or your students do free writes, you can type them up and create activities to leave in your sub-plan or fast-finishers stash. Here are some activity ideas that you can create from them that take very little time on your end to create:

  • CLOZE passages
  • Storyboards to illustrate
  • Reading with comprehension questions
  • Write an alternate ending
  • Write a new version
  • Write a summary, and then a summary of the summary (shrinking summaries)
  • Print the story out-of-order, students put it in the correct order
  • Expand the story from within (add one new sentence for every two-three sentences; add at least two words to each sentence, etc.)
  • Do a horizontal conjugation

What kinds of activities do you typically leave for sub plans?


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