Ruidos en la noche Script and Plans

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UnknownAfter introducing regular preterite conjugations through the stories La muchacha y la ardilla and La madre de Jasón, it was time to tackle the irregular preterite verbs. First category? I-Y changers (oír, leer, concluir, caer, etc.). My students once again helped me to write a fun script, “Ruidos en la noche” (“Noises in the night–script is in Spanish and English), and we had fun acting it out–we turned two tables into a bed and busted out the footie pajamas from my costume bin. I used these downloadable plans to fill out a four-day story-based unit and focus in on these sneaky verbs!


    1. If I don’t have a story idea, I will tell students the structures that we’re going to study, in English, (the day before or a few days before we get into a new story) and ask them to write a 2-3 sentence plot that somehow includes all three structures. I choose the best one or combine several to come up with a good story!


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