El Nuevo Houdini, Chapter 8

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  1. We discussed the pre-reading discussion questions from the Teacher’s Guide.
  2. I read the chapter aloud, TWICE!, as students drew a mural for it on this really intricate form that I created (not). The first time, they drew a really quick sketch, and the second time through, they added more details. Since students were not following along in their books, I made sure to clarify the meaning of footnoted words and other terms that I did not think they would recognize.
  3. Students shared their storyboards with at least five classmates using the simultaneous presentation format.
  4. I popped up the reading activity from the Teacher’s Guide onto the Promethean Board, and students completed it on a scrap piece of paper. Please notice that question #11 should read “…y Jamie no le ________ un beso” (the wrong word was blanked out, so as is it doesn’t match the word bank). We reviewed the correct answers.
  5. In preparation for the Beyond the Text activity described in the Teacher’s Guide, I had students read through the chapter again, individually, and complete this reading guide.
  6. Students worked on the Beyond the Text activity.
  7. While they worked, I called them up one at a time to do a speaking assessment based on their murals. They had to talk for one minute about their storyboard, and if they got stuck, I prompted them. I used the rubric included in my proficiency targets document to grade it.



  1. Martina,

    My students worked on the reading guide for Chapter 8 today and they, as well as I, had some trouble with it. Do you have any answer sheet? In some cases, the consequence was the same as the following problem. I did not see enough problems in Chapter 8 to fill out this chart so I had students go into Chapter 9.




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