Houdini Chapter 5

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Here the lesson plans that I followed for teaching El Nuevo Houdini, Chapter 5:

  1. Introduce vocabulary for the chapter using “Una comida especial“.
  2. Pre-reading discussion using the questions provided in the Teacher’s Guide.
  3. I read Chapter 5 aloud to the students, circling and personalizing as we went.
  4. Discussed the reading using the questions provided in the Teacher’s Guide.
  5. Students took this reading assessment. It was administered open-book, because I am assessing their ability to read in Spanish, not their ability to remember. If they couldn’t figure out what one of the pictures was, I told them in English because, again, I’m trying to determine whether or not they understand Spanish, not whether or not they can figure out what a picture is. Alternatively, you could project page one of the file and have students work on it individually or as a class.
  6. We MovieTalked the Caillou video clip suggested in the Teacher’s Guide. I muted it as we did MovieTalk. When the characters were talking, we made predictions about what they were saying. After we went through the whole thing with MovieTalk, I played it back with the volume up so that we could check our predictions.



  1. After MovieTalking Caillou va al autolavado, I had students record a speaking assessment using the same video. They told me what was happening in the video while they watched it and I assessed their speaking abilities. It went pretty well!


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