Las chicas no juegan al fútbol americano Lesson Plans

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Girls can’t what?!000073175

Download complete lesson plans for the story script “Las chicas no juegan al fútbol americanohere. I love this unit because my boys are really into it (because of the sports), and my girls are really into it because they can’t believe that anyone would forbid them from playing a sport simply because of their gender. The plans include story activities, games, vocabulary practice, a song and activity, and multiple readings about sports in Spanish speaking countries.


  1. I am about to start this unit with my 8th grade. I started going through the lessons and was reminded of a video I saw before.
    There is a different video that also has the Spanish subtitles, but the audio is in English. I just really like it because it fits with the point I want to make with them. Maybe MovieTalk? or a TPR activity “corre como una chica”? Or just show it and discuss. I’m not sure yet.


  2. The feminist in me is going to add an extra twist to this ending. When she dresses like a boy, she will put on a helmet. She plays for the NFL team, and is the best player on the team. Then, she takes off her helmet and the coach is surprised. “You are a girl! And you are the best football player of the (NFL team.)”


  3. Similar to a comment above, my students were adamant that the girl in the story not go cry in the bathroom! My students made sure that in all three scenes she reacted differently, each time with a powerful response.

    In one scene she wrestled the person to the ground (using ‘lucha’ from the wordoku activity) that told her she couldn’t play 🙂


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