1A Midterm

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Here is my midterm for Spanish 1A:

Spanish 1A Midterm by Martina Bex The Comprehensible Classroom
Click on image to access complete midterm for Spanish 1A
  1. Reading Comprehension–Students complete the CLOZE passage using the target structures from the word bank.
  2. Listening Comprehension–Students listen to a series of 10 statements and identify which picture is being described.
  3. Speaking–Students read words aloud to me in Spanish (pronunciation assessment only–they just had a speaking assessment last week, and I’ve never isolated pronunciation with them).
  4. Writing–Students write at least two sentences to describe each of the six images from the listening assessment (for advanced, they should write three each).


  1. French teacher like myself would probably get a “C” on this one:) I really like the format and one day my documents will look just as fabulous as yours! I do have a question though. How did you get pictures for listening in there so nicely? They appear to be hand drawn; so did you do them on paper first and then scanned? Please, enlighten me. Thank you!


    1. Yes, I drew them first and then scanned them in. After that, I took screen shots of each image (Command+Shift+4 on a Mac gives you crosshairs to select an area of the screen to photograph) and dropped them into the boxes that I had created in the document. I use Pages for all of my word processing–I highly recommend it if you have that option! It is much more user-friendly than Word.


      1. Thank you! I used to be a complete PC person but with my new job I got a MacBook with wireless connection everywhere. Really nice! I did embrace it even though I thought I would have issues. The only thing I have hard time with is making a switch from Word to Pages. I have to admit I didn’t spend enough time learning Pages and will try to play with it over the break. Thanks again and enjoy your holidays.


  2. I was in your same situation! When I began teaching at SU, I had to switch over to Macs, but I continued using Word. I had spent so much time learning how to use that program that it seemed pointless to me to switch over, because I felt like I could do anything I wanted very easily. However, once I saw Pages’ ‘drag and drop’ ability, the deal was done. There was definitely a learning curve, but it was well worth it. Which reminds me…I have a document that I created about making documents in Pages. I’ll post that now!


    1. Each section received its own, separate grade in the gradebook. One grade for listening, one grade for reading, one for speaking, one for writing. Each section was therefore valued as much as the weight of the category in the gradebook (search ‘categories’ to see how my gradebook is set up). Students received 4 separate grades for the midterm, and each was graded on a scale of Beginning to Advanced (search for ‘syllabus’ to see an explanation of what those translate to in the gradebook).


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