Horizontal Conjugation

My second year Spanish students need some practice distinguishing between subjects with their verb forms (subject/verb agreement), so I modified and typed up one of my student’s free writes (work smarter, not harder, right?) for a good ol’ horizontal conjugation practice. Then, I realized that I needed another reading assessment for that class, so I embellished it a bit more with target vocabulary from the quarter and typed up some comprehension questions. Here is the final product:


This story includes primarily the target structures from Chapters 1-3 of Pobre Ana that I introduced with stories (click on the ‘Pobre Ana’ tag on the right sidebar to see them) throughout this quarter.

  1. Students read the passage and respond to the comprehension questions (I gave them the questions on a separate 1/4 piece of paper so that they could hand that in before we continued the activity)
  2. Review the reading with the class, personalizing and circling and all that jazz. You could use the projector-friendly version that I will include at the end of this post.
  3. Have students work by themselves or with a partner to change the perspective: edit the story so that it is being told from Juan’s perspective. They will not only need to change verb forms (from third person singular and plural to first person), but possessive adjectives and all sorts of other fun things. I have my students edit the original paper, but you could have them re-write it completely on a separate piece of paper.
  4. Review the correct horizontal conjugation as a class.
  5. If you want to be really crazy, you could have students re-edit it from the second person perspective…but that’s a bit of overkill, I think. Maybe as a homework, but not in class. It’s a great story (I was so proud of my student that wrote it!), but even great stories get lame when you’ve analyzed them four times over!

You could absolutely skip the assessment piece of this and begin by discussing the reading itself. Enjoy!

Ladrones projector version

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  1. tj says:

    Question about the horizontal conjugation (I’m doing Oktapedi). If you don’t do the grammar notes, how do you go about explaining the different forms to them? I don’t want to give them a conjugation chart but I also don’t think they are going to be able to just complete the horizontal conjugation without some sort of instruction. Any suggestions for how to deliver this? Thanks for such awesome resources!

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