CC 2014 Jörg Schreier
CC 2014 Jörg Schreier

Moving on from ‘fue‘, today we started working on ‘dijo’ (s/he said). To begin, I had each of the students write an imaginary rumor in Spanish on a small piece of paper, and write their own name on the paper as well. I made sure that all students understand that the rumors were to be silly and completely baseless, and nothing that anyone else would be offended by. The rumors were TOP SECRET and could not be shared with any classmates. I ended up with a lot of “So-and-so likes so-and-so”, but also some more creative things, like “The entrance to Narnia is in Spanish class”, “X went to the zoo and kissed a monkey”, “X is a robot”, “Mrs. Bex likes speaking French”, “X is the President of Cuba”, etc.

I collected all of the rumors, reading each one to myself as I received it and acting very shocked at what I read, and then began sharing the creative rumors and the ones that I knew would not offend. I read the rumor, and then asked students, «¿Quién dijo eso?» (Who said that?). I took their guesses and we eventually figured out the source, then decided whether or not the rumor was true and why s/he might have said it if it wasn’t. Super fun and very easy to prep! This could be done anytime as a game, even if you are not targeting the structure ‘dijo’.

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      1. One deep (and I mean deep!) rumor was that someone had a married friend, who also maintains a dating profile! Luckily, no names were involved. Most were the usual “so-and-so is dating.” One of the funniest was that a student who lives right next to the school actually lives under a bridge.

        I did come across a version of Adele’s Rumor Has It in Spanish (El Rumor Dice). I played it as they were walking in, and most were able to start singing along with “el rumor dice…” as it continued. Might be a great addition if you or others further develop this lesson.

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  1. Since I teach middle schol (6-8) and have some SUUUUPER sassy kids, I felt that rumors about other students was a can of worms I did not want to get into, so I changed it to “There is a new student in our school….this student hears rumors about the different teachers….what are these rumors?” SO FUNNY.

    My favorite: “Mr.H has a collection of bunny slippers.”


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