True/False Listening Quiz

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Here is an obvious one for you!! (I need to post every kind of activity that I use on here so that when my brain isn’t working, I can look at the archives for each category and remember what kinds of assessments and activities I have at my disposal!)

After any given story, a very quick, easy, painless listening assessment is to make several (five to six) true/false statements about the reading or story. Students listen to the statement and write true or false on a piece of paper (save a tree and use cut-up pieces of scrap paper!). You can also add the option to have students correct statements that are false.

An excellent strategy from Michele Whaley is to be strategic about the level of difficulty of the statements that you use. Several should be quite obvious, so you can see which students are completely lost. Several should be slightly less obvious, but manageable for any student that could be considered ‘Proficient’ at target level. Include one or two challenge statements that requite excellent comprehension and would truly merit an ‘Advanced’ assessment. It takes a little bit more work to plan the assessment strategically like this, but it is much more valid and therefore worth the brain power! For more information about grading in my classes, please see this post.

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