Updated Dictation Forms

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I updated my dictation forms today so that the rubrics include the terminology I am now using instead of grades (Advanced, Proficient, Developing, Emerging, Beginning). I will no longer use the traditional dictation as a summative assessment EVER in my class, because it does not demonstrate listening comprehension. I’ll continue to use it as a tool to examine spelling with students. I created a new dictation form that has a comprehension component: students will transcribe what they hear and draw a picture that demonstrates that they have understood what they heard as well. Download it here for free.

*Update 08/2016 – I updated these again to be a little more clear for students 

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.26.46 PM


  1. Martina,
    Do you ever have kids write a translation after they have written the dictation? Some words are harder to clearly show in a drawing, such as “however” or “was ___ing” or “sometimes”. Just curious! Love your new form!


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